What is Aspire?

Aspire is a technology-based self-assessment that identifies strengths and needs related to wellbeing across multiple dimensions. Aspire activates the potential of individuals and families to overcome barriers to thriving and to achieve their goals for their lives. Using Aspire, participants identify priorities for growth and create a personalized plan for change.

Participants then work to achieve their priorities with the support of an Aspire coach. Aspire coaches are workers from your organization who have been trained to use Aspire and to be effective coaches in the change process.

As they make progress towards their goals, Aspire participants experience increased self-efficacy, improved economic and social mobility, and enhanced wellbeing.

Aspire uses a multidimensional framework measuring 55 indicators of wellbeing across 6 dimensions. These dimensions closely align with the social determinants of health.

Aspire is available in English and Spanish.


to direct one's hopes and ambitions towards achieving a goal

Aspire's Six Dimensions of Wellbeing

Icon - Income and Employment

Income & Employment

Icon - Health and Environment

Health & Environment

Icon - Housing


Icon - Education and Culture

Education & Culture

Icon - Social Capital

Social Capital

Icon - Personal Strengths

Interiority & Motivation

About the Aspire Assessment


Aspire asks 55 indicators, or questions, across the six dimensions. Each indicator is rated as a red, yellow, or green. Green = thriving; yellow = struggling; red = suffering. Each level includes images and simple definitions to help participants choose their response.

For each indicator, the participant selects the image and definition they associate with their current situation.

The Life Map

At the end, the assessment results are presented on a document called a “Life Map.” The participant identifies up to five red or yellow indicators they want to prioritize for improvement. They receive ongoing coaching and connection to resources to help them achieve the goals they set.

The Aspire assessment is administered every 3 to 6 months to track changes over time. It can be completed on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Aspire data are geocoded and can be analyzed at the neighborhood and community level. Mapping enables community organizations to identify “hot spots” disproportionately affected by specific issues, informing priority areas for mobilizing resources, and contributing to the design of community-based solutions to identified needs.

Data can also be broken down by demographic characteristics, such as age, race, education level, etc., which allows communities to identify and target local health inequities.

How It Helps

Aspire benefits the individuals and families using the Aspire assessment tool as well as the organizations that administer the Aspire program.

Aspire is grounded in principles of self-determination and agency. Participants who use the Aspire assessment build their sense of self-efficacy by identifying their own priorities for growth and seeing that they can accomplish their goals over time. Participants learn from "what works" and apply those lessons to other areas of their lives, building their capacity to self-advocate and access the resources they need to make change.

Organizations who implement Aspire gain data-driven insights to better understand the strengths and needs of their clients, and are given a tool for tracking improvements in wellbeing over time. Most importantly, they see a shift from a transactional service delivery model to a transformative model of engagement. Rather than meeting one need at a time, or only addressing urgent problems when a person is in crisis, Aspire's holistic approach supports long-term, transformational change in a person's quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Aspire can be customized for your organization!

Contact us to learn about how Aspire can be custom designed for your customers, clients, or employees. 

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