Our Partners


Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

A center for social work innovation & entrepreneurship, housed in the UNC School of Social Work, supporting students, faculty, and community. The Community Aspirations Hub is housed within and supported by the SIE Lab.

UNC School of Social Work

Building on 100 years of excellence and service to the State of North Carolina and beyond, the UNC School of Social Work is committed to its work in understanding the etiology of social problems and advancing the design, development and implementation of evidence-informed policies and practices to advance equity, transform systems and improve lives.

Poverty Stoplight

The Poverty Stoplight team consists of an energetic group of people from around the world who are passionate about human and social development. Their mission is to activate the potential of families to discover practical and innovative solutions to improve their lives in all aspects.

Family and Children’s Resource Program (FCRP)

Located at the UNC School of Social Work, FCRP uses innovative training, capacity-building, and facilitation to help organizations increase their impact on the families and communities they serve.  FCRP works with organizations to develop customized products and services to improve outcomes at the family, agency, and community levels.

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